5 CockyBoys Videos That Got Us Off This Week

1. Topher Dimaggio manhandles Levi Karter

You’ve probably seen guys like Topher Dimaggio at your gym. He’s that confident muscle hunk that walks around like he owns the place. You know, the one you secretly wish would slam you up against the locker. But when Topher talks about meeting Levi Karter for the first time, this cocky boy can’t help but blush. It’s clear these two have great chemistry. Affiliate links used.


Watch: Topher Dimaggio and Levi Karter

It only gets steamier when the pair agree to a game of strip ping pong. The prize? The winner gets his dick sucked. But Levi isn’t even trying—he’s probably too distracted imagining Topher’s perfect cock in his mouth. He loses, which means Topher gets to have his way.


Topher takes Levi to the shower and pounds his brains out. But the Italian beefcake isn’t done with him yet. He leads Levi to the bedroom and lays him on his stomach for round two. “Open up your ass baby,” he whispers as he rubs his dick up and down Levi’s ass, and Levi obeys. Watch what happens next here.

2. Dillon Rossi and Lev Ivankov get kinky on live cam

Dillon Rossi and hot newcomer Lev Ivankov are eager to please in this live cam session. The two studs follow the commands of their horny audience: flexing their biceps, rimming each other’s holes, and of course sucking each other’s thick cocks.


Watch: Dillon Rossi and Levi Ivankov Camshow

Things get even kinkier when one of the voyeurs requests to see Dillon in bondage. There’s no rope around, but the boys refuse to disappoint.


Dillon submissively kneels down and places his hands behind his back, exposing his toned ass to the camera. Levi Karter, directing this time, steps in to tie Dillon’s hands with an extension cord and bind his feet with a belt so the audience can toy with the helpless stud. But it isn’t until Lev brings out a massive dildo that we really see Dillon start to squirm. Watch it here.

3. Caleb King and Zak Bishop switch it up

Zak Bishop is new to CockyBoys. He’s a sweet guy with boyish good looks, so naturally he’s paired up with Caleb King, a brutal top with a reputation for liking it rough.


Watch: Caleb King and Zak Bishop

Zak sucks dick like a champ, playing with Caleb’s balls as he takes his veiny cock in his mouth. He looks up at Caleb while going down on him: “Am I doing good?” After trading blowjobs (and rim jobs), it’s time for Caleb to take control. He situates Zak on a chair and goes to town on his ass, pushing Zak’s head down and plowing him until he moans.


But it’s not over yet. Now Zak gets to turn his dominant top into an eager bottom. “Fuck me!” Caleb moans as Zak slides his cock in and out of his hole. Caleb is nice and tight. He doesn’t usually get fucked, but you can tell that Caleb is loving every moment of having Zak inside of him.


Who says you can’t have it both ways? Check it out here.

4. Levi Michaels rides Connor Maguire

CockyBoys stud Levi Michaels has been waiting to work with Connor Maguire, and it shows. The two hit it off instantly. Connor starts out by gently teasing Levi’s hole with his finger while Levi squirms and moans in pleasure, but Levi is eager to get his mouth around Connor’s cock.


Watch: Levi Michaels and Connor Maguire

Levi is all about pleasing his top, gagging on Connor’s perfect dick. “Deep throat that cock,” Connor says under his breath. “Yes sir,” Levi responds. Connor grabs Levi by the hair and bobs him up and down, forcing his mouth all the way to the base of his dick.

Next, Connor eats Levi’s fuzzy ass before slipping his dick inside. He pounds Levi’s bubble butt, his balls smacking against it as he hammers the young stud. Levi can’t contain his ecstasy, moaning the whole time.


After fucking Levi doggy style and then face-to-face, it’s time for Levi to show off his talents as a bottom and ride Connor until Connor is on the brink of blowing his load.

5. The cameraman has Colby Keller all tied up

This list wouldn’t be complete without our favorite lumbersexual, Colby Keller.


Watch: Colby Keller and the cameraman

What starts out as a simple interview ends up becoming a bondage fantasy when the cameraman finds himself unable to resist Colby’s requests, which includes tying Colby’s hands with duct tape. With his hands bound over his head, Colby watches helplessly as the camera man jacks him with a fleshlight. Get Fleshlight for 25% off here and free shipping with code grind.


You’re going to want to stick around for the end, when Colby shoots his huge load.

What did you ‘fap’ to this week? Share links, movie titles or share your thoughts in the comments section below.