Steve Grand: “[email protected] Yes I’m Using My Looks To My Advantage!”

Singer-songwriter Steve Grand wants his fans to know that he has indeed used his body and looks to his advantage when it comes to promoting his music career.

Grand burst onto the music scene back in 2013 with his viral video for All-American Boy, where he showed the world a glimpse of his naked booty.

“Fuck yes I’m using my looks to my advantage,” Grand says near the end of a YouTube video titled “Stop Objectifying Me?/ Look At My Shirtless Gym Bod / OMG IM SO CONFUSED.”

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“It’s a competitive world out ther,” Grand says. “Are you not using everything that you have to better yourself and to make yourself as competitive as possible in this world? If you’re not doing that, you’re not being very smart and you’re going to be left behind so use what you have.”

Grand continues: “I never asked not to be objectified – you can’t believe everything you read. Last summer I did express some amount of frustration with some of the gay blogs who continued to post almost exclusively the same shirtless pictures – mostly old modeling pictures of me. … As a human being I was a little frustrated.”

Grand admits to having a ‘human moment’ when he complained publicly about it last year.

“Yes it was unprofessional, yes it was lame that I spoke out,” Grand admits.

To his critics, Grand says: “This whole idea that you can’t be an artist and someone who sometimes likes to show off their body. You can think whatever you want about me and my music but that’s just awfully rich coming from mostly gay men – gay men who so often worship artists like Beyonce, Madonna and Britney.”

“Our community seems to love to embrace beautiful, sexually empowered, liberated artists and songwriters who flaunt their bodies when they’re female yet roll their eyes up at gay men who do pretty much the same thing.”

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