Hundreds Of Angry Twitter Users Say Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Promoting ‘Gay Agenda’

Anti-gay Twitter trolls were quick to take to social media last night to lambaste Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 Halftime show for being “too gay”!

The show’s use of rainbow colors and the incredible performances by Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay singing “Believe in Love” proved to be too fabulous for some TV viewers to handle.

The spectacular Halftime show ended with the entire stadium audience sending the message: “Believe in Love.”

As Atheist’s Hemant Mehta put it, the anti-gay “complaints come from the same people who are watching a game in which dozens of men jump on top of each other for hours before dancing and patting each other on the butt.”

Here are some of the best of the worst Twitter troll tweets:

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h/t: NCRM