Gay Dads’ Matt Dallas And Blue Hamilton Are Filming A Reality Series

Former Kyle XY star Matt Dallas and music producer Blue Hamilton took to YouTube in December to share an adorable YouTube video announcing that they had recently become parents after adopting their two-year-old son, named “Crow.


Now the happy family has struck a deal with Authentic Entertainment, the company behind such shows as Ace Of Cakes and Toddlers & Tiaras, to produce a docuseries that follows their growing family.

“The docuseries will follow Dallas and his music exec husband fresh off the adoption of a baby boy as they go through the thrills and struggles of raising their fostered and now adopted child together,” writes Deadline.


“Matt and Blue are the perfect combination of what always works for us — great characters with a great story, living an authentic life,” says Lauren Lexton, co-founder and CEO of Authentic.

Dallas and Hamilton, married last July, said they had planned to take in Crow as a foster child for a six-month trial period but, Hamilton said they fell in love with him on the car ride home.


‘We decided he was going to be ours, that we weren’t going to give him up,’ he said in the December announcement video.