Dad’s Share A Kiss In Touching Hallmark Valentine’s Day Ad

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, Hallmark is hoping to reach out to all families and couples with their new inclusive #CareEnough campaign.

For their “One Card, Many Backstories” campaign, Hallmark introduces us to Robin and Jason, a gay couple raising a daughter, as well as lesbian couple LaParis and Karisia.

Robin tells Hallmark: “For me, what’s happened between Jason and I is more than love. It feels like we’ve connected as family.”

For Valentine’s Day in 2015, Hallmark featured a lesbian couple in an online film. The greeting card company also produces card for same-sex couples around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day prompts people to care enough to say what’s truly in their hearts,” said Rob Reeder, Hallmark’s marketing manager of greetings.

“As demonstrated by this campaign, our Valentine’s Day cards help people find the words to express themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way than with a text or post.”

“Hallmark seeks to help people emotionally connect, in every life, every day. With this campaign, we are highlighting the ‘every life’ aspect of our mission, as we share the caring stories of all kinds of couples because love is love.”

This year’s campaign also features female couple LaParis and Karisia.