Davey Wavey: ‘Young Gays, Show Some F*cking Respect To Your Elders’

Davey Wavey’s latest video asking young gay men to respect their gay elders has touched a nerve online!

The YouTuber’s short 1-minute video cuts to the chase and implores that young gay men respect their elders who have fought hard to achieve LGBT equality.

They are “literally the only reason that you can walk down the street in your pink fucking tank top, holding your boyfriends hand and not get your ass beat,” Wavey says in the video.

He continues: “It is because he fought, and sweated, and bled, and marched, and rallied, and stood up so that the world that you live in, is better than the world he grew up in.”

Watch the video below and tell us if you agree with Davey in the comments section: