‘The Young Protectors’ Is The Gay Superhero Comic We’ve Been Waiting For

When Author Alex Woolfson launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $14,000 to bring his gay superhero web comic into a printed graphic novel, little did he know his crowd-funding campaign would end up raising over $133,000 at the end of its 30-day run.


His comic, Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy, tells the story of how Kyle—a closeted, young superhero dedicated to helping everyone but himself—ascends to become one of the most powerful champions the world has ever known.


The story begins with Kyle finally summoning the courage to enter a local gay bar. It’s his very first step towards accepting himself. Unfortunately for him, his very next step out of the bar places him face-to-face with The Annihilator, “the most dangerous super-villain in the world.” And the price that The Annihilator demands to keep Kyle’s secret will lead Kyle down a path fraught with danger, adventure and unexpected romance. It’s a path that will force Kyle to question what it really means to be a hero and will ultimately thrust him and his young teammates into an epic conflict against vastly superior foes.

Woolfson’s paperback graphic novel is available for pre-order, along with Kickstarter incentives including NSFW trading cards, a NSFW or SFW pack of thirteen 11″ x 14″ prints featuring the heroes and villains of The Young Protectors in “thrilling action and sexy romantic scenes,” and many many more memorabilia.


You can read the first comic for free at youngprotectors.com.