10 Unconventional Gifts To Show Your Man You Love Him This Valentine’s Day [NSFW]


1. Blowjobs Are Everything! ??


Blowjobs are like flowers for men.

Give him a bouquet of blowjobs this valentine’s day. Tickle his balls this time or make the extra effort to go all the way even when your mouth gets tired and you don’t want to do it anymore.

Give it to him real good even if he never cums when you blow him and it makes you mad. The AutoBlow is also a super funny gift if you are stressed out about what to get him. Just turn it on every time you are too tired to blow him.

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2. Matching jocks straps for the gym. ?

For one hot ride (NSFW), get the gift that says you’re more than just gym buddies. Check out Curbwear for 25% off the Valentine’s collection.

Or change your jock every month at the world’s first curated Underwear Club. Get 25% off with code EXPERT.

3. Put a ring on it ❤

[See the video here]

Before you give him a forever ring, give him a personalized custom engraved cock ring. A new way to say I love you without having to say it, or commit.

Cock rings are 35% off with code: grind.

Our recommended engravings:


4. Your butt in solid bronze. 

Give him your butt forever with bespoke anus castings. An artist will take a mold of your anus and immortalise it in solid bronze. Brought to you by the company that brought you anus chocolates, a popular Valentine’s day candy for ass lovers everywhere. Nothing says eat my butt like a box of chocolate anuses ?.

5. Share more.


One way to fall in love is to become completely vulnerable to the other person and sharing is one way to do that. According to one study, asking these 36 questions are guaranteed to make you fall in love. The idea is that by sharing your secrets you can accelerate intimacy between two people.

You can also share an 18 inch double headed translucent dildo if you’re into that too. Maybe it will also have the same effect.

Dildos are 35% off with code: grind.

6. Try new things. 


Skip the mint after dinner and hand him a good head kit. A tips card offers oral pointers, and the flavored lip balm will make his mouth buttery soft before he sucks it. Apply the minty gel to his tongue or straight onto your cock to enjoy a new flavor of blowjob.

Sex kits are 35% off here with code: grind.

7. Have a one night stand.


Don’t go home after dinner! Book a hotel room by downloading Hotel Tonight or the One Night Standard app and get a huge discount for spontaneously booking the same night.

It’s also a creative way to add some variety to your sex life by having sex in a new place every once in awhile. Plus, it’s affordable enough to book often. Sometimes you can find a four-star hotel for $40 on Hotel Tonight.


8. Recreate your first date. 


Whether it was on the dance floor of a dive bar or hanging out with your best buds, recreate your first date and look back on how far you’ve come together.

If it was a threesome, skip to the next one. Or bring lube and have another threesome!

9. Make him something sweet.


Because cock cake is delicious. Recipe.



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