Donald Trump Says He’s Working Closely With Notorious Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader

Donald Trump blamed Tony Perkins’ for saying “two Corinthians” instead of “Second Corinthians” during a speech at Liberty University this week, a mistake that raised questions about his biblical knowledge as he courts evangelical voters.

The Republican presidential front-runner said in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday that Perkins, notorious leader of the anti-gay Family Research Council, had given him notes on what to say when he visited the evangelical university in Lynchburg, Virginia.

“Tony Perkins wrote that out for me — he actually wrote out 2, he wrote out the number 2 Corinthians,” Trump said. “I took exactly what Tony said, and I said, ‘Well Tony has to know better than anybody.’ ”

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Trump’s gaffe drew laughter from the Christian audience, but he insisted that his Scottish mother would have said “two Corinthians,” as well.

“It’s a very small deal, but a lot of people in different sections of the world say two, and I’ve had many, many people say that to me. My mother, as you know, was from Scotland, and they say two,” Trump said.

Trump went on to describe Perkins as “a very very good guy.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has branded the Family Research Council an anti-gay hate group.

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Back in 2012, Perkins explained how same-sex marriage leads to ‘pain and heartache’ and how all of ‘society suffers’ in the end: “For nearly a generation, we’ve neglected marriage, leaving nearly defenseless to homosexual activists who are now trying to redefine marriage out of existence. Same sex marriage, it contradicts God’s will as revealed in the created order, violating God’s law only brings pain and heartache. Right is called wrong; evil is called good, it is because we have wielded moral authority to the demands of special interests or the ruling of some aberrant judge. As a result, all of society suffers.

Remember those ‘It Gets Better’ videos that gave hope to thousands of LGBT youth? Well here is how Perkins described them back in 2011: “The videos are titled ‘It Gets Better.’ They are aimed at persuading kids that although they’ll face struggles and perhaps bullying for ‘coming out’ as homosexual (or transgendered or some other perversion), life will get better. … It’s disgusting. And it’s part of a concerted effort to persuade kids that homosexuality is okay and actually to recruit them into that lifestyle.

And here is how Perkins described the ‘homosexual community’ while speaking to the Oak Initiative Summit, in April 2011: “Those who understand the homosexual community – the activists – they’re very aggressive, they’re – everything they accuse us of they are in triplicate. They’re intolerant, they’re hateful, vile, they’re spiteful. …. To me, that is the height of hatred, to be silent when we know there are individuals that are engaged in activity, behavior, and an agenda that will destroy them and our nation.

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It may only be a matter of time now until Trump turns his hateful rhetoric onto the LGBT community.

Watch the interview below: