Australian News Site Shuts Down Anti-Gay Troll’s Disgusting Comment With Epic Response

Australian News Corp site has fired back at an internet troll who left a disgusting comment on a news story about a gay couple’s heartbreaking tragedy.

A newlywed gay couple form Britain, David and Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, were on their honeymoon in Adelaide, Australia, when David died in a freak accident after slipping and falling down a flight of stairs, cracking his skull.

Marco says he is living through a “nightmare” after authorities refused to recognize he was ever married in the first place, stamping “never married” on David’s death certificate. All the decisions around his spouse’s death can now only be made by family members thousands of miles away.

“Had David died in Melbourne or Sydney, the fact he was gay would barely have raised an eyebrow, reports “But in South Australia it was enough to ensure his husband Marco Bulmer-Rizzi was shut out of almost every decision following his death.”

Shortly after shared the heartbreaking story on their Facebook page, which included a photo of the couple after their wedding ceremony in Greece last year, an internet troll named “Michael Davis” left a comment on the post.

Where was the caution or warning for this image?” Davis asked on the news site’s Facebook page. “Some of us are trying to have bloody dinner without thinking about a bloke tasting man spit you dirty scumbags.”

The news site immediately responded to the post with this epic response:

Sure thing Michael!

WARNING: A man eating ‘bloody dinner’ is being unnecessarily hateful in your midst. Tread cautiously, or simply ignore his remarks.

Glad to be of service.

Check out the exchange below:

h/t: pinknews