These Precious Photos Of Gay Dads And Their Kids Will Melt Your Heart!

What better way to start the new year than taking a look back at some of the incredible gay dads who are sharing their journey through fatherhood one selfie and Instagram post at a time.

Gays With Kids, an online community who aims to help gay dads navigate fatherhood, has shared their 10 most popular Instagram posts of 2015.

Check out the precious photos below:

From Houston, Texas, meet Brian and Corey with their two gorgeous kids (Texas, USA):

Christopher and Marty share a cute family selfie from the car (Utah, USA):

Meet Dads Dorian and Jared with their adorable son (California, USA):

Rodrigo and Nazareno share a cute selfie as they enjoy time in the park with their son:

From California, meet Torey and Jeff with their two adorable sons (California, USA)

Meet husbands Garon and James and their child (Washington D.C.):

Wes and John celebrate their son’s 16th birthday (Wyoming, USA):

London Dads Steve and Cristian and their beautiful son (London, UK)

Check out Clint and Jacob’s first family photo (Texas, USA):

Sammy and Simon with their son (Cheshire, UK):