Boyfriend Pulls Off Brilliant New York City Flash Mob Proposal

A New York man managed to pull off a beautifully coordinated flash mob proposal that caught his boyfriend completely off guard.

“Mark is madly in love…with Yuval, who is madly in love with Mark,” writes the couple on Youtube, “they have found their destiny, a dream-come-true.”

“As all around them see, their loving relationship is beautiful and romantic, and keeps getting better. They are head-over-heels, madly in love with each other — and, they are best friends, have tremendous respect, admiration, and adoration for each other.”

“Mark decided to surprise Yuval, planning a flash-mob dance performance, to romantically propose to Yuval. Their family and friends were in on it for months, as Mark was planning, and they all kept the secret.”

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“December 13, 2015, was a rare spring-like day in NYC. Mark and Yuval’s family made plans to go to brunch at Bubby’s Restaurant, near Gansevoort Plaza, in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.”

“Yuval had no clue what was really going on. He was simply happy, with life, love, and work all going well. He was enjoying the day with his partner and family.”

The couple hope their proposal will “serve as an example of how beautiful and romantic a loving relationship can be, and inspire others with love and joy, no matter the gender or sexuality of the couple. Love is love, and when it is right, passionate and deep, it is a joy to celebrate.”

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