Makeup Artist Makes An 8-Year-Old Boy’s Drag Dreams Come True

Just three days into the new year, an eight-year-old boy’s dream of learning how to transform himself into a fierce drag queen came true, thanks in part to his incredible mother and his MAC makeup artist.


Makeup artist Joey Killmeyer writes on Facebook:

A couple weeks ago I got my certification in lessons for MAC. Today I got to do my first one. I was not originally scheduled today but was filling in. This is Ethan, he is 8. He wanted to learn drag makeup. He loves Jeffree Starr. His mom is so supportive of him and is letting him discover who he is. I did one side of his face and he did the other. He did soooo great. He is a very talented guy. And I expect he will be a great artist in life. But I was so touched that his mom said I gave him confidence in letting him be himself. And it truly was meant to be that I worked today. It shows me the world is changing from when I was his age and that there is hope for kids who are different. And whether he is gay or not who knows. But I really respect the mom who is letting him be himself and discover who he is and what he wants to do in life. Please share if you like. Spread the message of acceptance. xoxo

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Killmeyer gave us this update shortly after his post went viral:

Firstly, I am truly overwhelmed by how far my post of myself and Ethan has gone. Thank you. I want to say I am not trying to be a role model or get publicity for myself. I posted the story because I feel Ethan’s mom is a hero. She is letting him discover who he is. Whatever that may be. I am hoping this story can help other parents with children who are different. Ethan is a a gifted artist who has a great support system. I just was doing my job and treated Ethan as the client and taught him what he wanted to learn. He also wants to be able to do makeup on others. I see a bright future for him. And once again thank you for the love and for sharing Ethan’s story. ‪#‎acceptance‬
Also yes I did use a filter on the picture. I am 43 and had to try to look as good as Ethan. ‪

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A couple weeks ago I got my certification in lessons for MAC. Today I got to do my first one. I was not originally…

Posted by Joey Killmeyer on Sunday, January 3, 2016

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