“The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo” Is A Hysterical Must-See Gay Web Series

Actor Brian Jordan Alvarez is back with a brand new web series that is 20-minutes of comedic gold.

Alvarez sat down with us to chat about his brand new project called “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo”.

The Gaily Grind: First, we’d like to congratulate you on your absolutely hysterical and brilliant pilot episode! Can you tell our readers about the show?

Brian Jordan Alvarez: I wanted to do something that was just deeply ME. Like, my whole personality and everything I like in the world of a show. Something that people could really get on board with and binge once all the episodes were out. That was initially the idea; release them all at once in a few months when they’re all done (I plan to start with 5). But two nights ago I had to get the show to Paradigm, my agency, for a deadline because they wanted to the show done to try to pitch it out in the new year. So it was there, done, in a private link on my youtube. And I said fuck it, I’m making this thing public. The response has been great so far. People really get it. The way it moves; fast, chaotic, alive. And it’s gay without being what you might call “exclusively gay content”. It’s just super fun, high quality content that happens to have a primarily gay man (I also have sex with girls sometimes…uh oh!) as the lead, so the love story happens to be between a man and a man. Or several men…


GG: Tell us about the show’s talented cast.

Brian: The cast is just the people that I love to hang out with the most. Jason Greene AKA Freckle has been a star for as long as I’ve known him…you should google his american idol audition if you haven’t already… and I just wanted someone like that— a real shining fucking star that the general public might consider “not mainstream”—to be a series regular on like a straight-up SHOW. You know. Like Freckle. On a sitcom. Just the idea gets me going still. I’m excited for you guys to see episode 2.


Stephanie Koenig, my best friend, has been in many of my most popular videos, and I was excited to give her a huge role as well. Like these people are really great actors. Jon Ebeling, Antonio Marziale who plays Benicio, Ken Kirby who plays Len…. they’re just straight up good at ACTING. And the fact that I have the ability to let them shine in a show like this is to me a privilege. Like, these people are STARS. Just look at how good their acting is. Haha. Ok I said that twice.

GG: Can you tell us where the idea for the series came from?

Brian: Up till now I’ve usually shot my own stuff, like on my own camera with a tripod, with the exception of Boy Toys, with zero money. But this time I was given the opportunity to work with an investor, Justin Berns, who gave me some funds to work with because of the faith he has that this show will make money soon. He came to me after Boy Toys came out and said, I’d like to invest in what you’re doing. And that was an incredible moment for me. I said, “Ok, I have this idea. It’s called Caleb Gallo.” He was like “What does Caleb Gallo mean?” I was like, “Well it’s gonna feel a little crazy when you read it but just go with it.” And he totally did. He trusted me completely and gave some great notes during the editing process that I think made the project much stronger and more concise. And with the seed money he contributed, I was able to get an amazing DP, Matt Lynn, and have some nice audio post done as well. And I was able to pay all my actors for the first time. It was a great fucking feeling. Like we are really doing it. We are making a show.


GG: Can you tell us what we can expect in future episodes and about how many total episodes you have planned so far?

Brian: I’m excited for the next few episodes. I am half way done editing episode 2, which I love, and we’re about to start production on episode 3 in a few days. Then more and more, ideally. The plan is 5 for now but if the show gets a deal at a network, who knows. I just want to keep making it, and for people to see it.


I appreciate everyone who’s on board with this show already. It will be a nice day when all the episodes are out and a person who comes across it can watch them all in one night. But for now, thank you for watching the pilot. And just know, it only gets better from here!

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Watch the first episode of “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo” below:

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