The Untold ‘Star Wars’ Gay ‘Love Story’: Obi-Wan Tops Luke Skywalker

It’s here. Jessy Ares and Luke Adams star in latest episode of Gay Star Wars from

In Part I. The republic is at war. Under Darth Vader’s command, the imperial cruisers invade and enslave part of the galaxy.

During one of the attacks, Luke’s home is destroyed so he wanders around the desert looking for answers and finds Obi-wan waiting for him.

Obi-wan offers his help and Luke graciously accepts.

Luke’s legs go up and Jedi Obi-wan shows off his force in the only way he knows how.

They go at it for 15 minutes until Luke learns his final lesson.


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Don’t miss Part II, when Luke bottoms for Han Solo. [Very NSFW] and Part III, when Han Solo bottoms for Darth Vader! [Very NSFW]

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