46-Year-Old Transgender Woman Begins Her New Life As 6-Year-Old Girl After Family’s Rejection

A transgender woman has decided to begin her new life in London as a six-year-old girl, saying she does not “want to be an adult right now.”

Stefonknee Wolschtt, 46, says she decided to leave her wife of 23 years and seven children after being given an ultimatum to “stop being trans or leave.”


“To me, ’stop being trans’ isn’t something I could do,” she explains in a video series produced by The Transgender Project. “It would be like telling me to stop being 6’2″ or leave.”

Stefonknee gained a renewed sense of self after she began to educate herself as to “who I was and what this was,” and meeting other trans women.

“I’m starting to feel like we have a quasi-family that we are creating and I am allowed to be exactly who I am and I don’t have to make apologies or excuses as to why I’m different,” she says.

Recently, Stefonknee was “adopted” by a new family who sees her as their little girl. She describes the life she’s created as play therapy.

“Their children and grandchildren are totally supportive,” she says. “In fact, her youngest granddaughter… a year ago, when I was 8, she was 7, and she said to me, ’I want you to be the little sister, so I’ll be 9′ and I said ’Well, I don’t mind going to 6,’ so I’ve been 6 ever since.”

“We have a great time. We color. We do kids stuff. No medication. No suicidal thoughts. I just get to play.”

h/t: newnownext