This Amazing Mom Updated Her Tattoo To Reflect Transgender Son’s Transition

Lindsay Peace has gorgeous tattoos of all three of her children: Ace, Hamish and Elliot.

Ace, 15, came out to his parents as transgender in a letter last New Year’s Eve, and asked his mom to remove the tattoo on her arm.

But her tattoo artist husband, Steve, had a better idea: he would transform his wife’s tattoo to reflect their son’s true gender identity.

The new, reworked tattoo replaces Ace’s pink dress with a pair of shorts and and a blue T-shirt. A purple flower on the collar of the dress in the original tattoo has turned into a slingshot.

“We just winged it,” Steve said, in an interview with The Huffington Post Alberta. “Luckily it worked!”


The tattoo’s transformation was kept as a surprise for

Ace’s parents kept the tattoo’s transformation a secret so they could surprise him.

“He loved it. Every step we have in this journey of ours he just gets happier and happier. You have to support your kids”

The couple shared their story and tattoo on the Facebook page of Immaculate Concept Tattoo, where Steve works.

The reaction has been “100 per cent positive,” said Steve. “I guess there are people out there that have negative opinions, but thankfully they’re keeping it to themselves.”

One Facebook commenter wrote “That’s so rad! My oldest is also FTM Transgender. This is such a great post, so inclusive and accepting!”

Nikki writes: “As a transgender person myself, i cant even tell you what this likely means to the son. good job! made me tear up a lil.”

Since Ace’s coming out, he has had the full support of his parents and two brothers, and has even had his passport and birth certificate changed.

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“We weren’t surprised,” Steve told Metro News. “As parents, you say, ‘Whatever makes you happy,’ and we’ve seen him become happier and happier as time goes on, which makes us happy.”

He added: “It’s a different world these days. ‘We’re just lucky to live where we do. I think it’d be tough if we lived in a different country, or even the States.”

“Parents need to really support their kids in these situations. I thought he was happy before, but no — he’s happier now. It’s crazy. He smiles all the time.”

h/t: huffpost