This Christian Extremist Is Calling For The Execution Of Gay Church Leaders

Theodore Shoebat, an anti-gay Christian extremist who regularly calls for the execution of homosexuals, atheists and Christians who support LGBT rights, is calling for the extermination of gay church leaders, claiming the Vatican is riddled with “homosexual hornets nests.”

In his lengthy video rant released on Friday, Shoebat claimed that gay priests and ministers are “suicide bombers” intent on infiltrating the church as a way to discredit Christianity.

“Once they become a pastor or a priest, they begin their destruction. And they only do this for one reason, and that is to make the church look bad, to make the church evil,” he said. “It’s obvious that Satan knows homosexuality is evil and it’s also obvious to me that these very sodomites who enter the church, they as well know that homosexuality is evil because they do this so that other people can say, ‘See, this is Christianity.'”

“Civilization has no room for homosexuality.” Shoebat said in the video. He also called on the Catholic Church to resume its policy of persecuting any priests discovered to be gay. They “would be delivered to the secular authorities and put to death,” he said. “It’s just too damn bad that we don’t have these laws being enacted any more.”

Watch Shoebat’s rant below:

Last month, three Republican presidential hopefuls attended the “National Religious Liberties Conference” hosted by radical right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson in Des Moines, Iowa, who renewed his call for the execution of gay people.

“There are instances in which both the Old and New Testament speak to the matter with unbelievable clarity,” Swanson told the audience, which included Senator Ted Cruz, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. “There’s not to be any debate about it…. You know what that sin is – it’s the sin of homosexuality…. In fact in Romans 1 Paul affirms that this particular sin is worthy of death, The Old and New Testament, I believe both speak with authority and we ought to receive it.”

Swanson, who has previously called for death to gays, has defended Uganda’s kill-the-gays bill, warned that the Girl Scouts, women’s soccer and movies like “Frozen” turn girls into lesbians, said that God gave gay people AIDS as an act of kindness, and accused gay people of causing devastating floods and hurricanes, reports Right Wing Watch.

h/t: Advocate