From Rock To Soul, Here Are 5 Incredible Covers Of “Hello” To Satisfy Your Adele Addiction

The final numbers are in, and just in case you had any doubts, Adele is a phenomenon.

Adele’s new album, “25”, has sold a record-shattering 3.38 million copies in the US through its first week. To put that into perspective, that is nearly a million more than the previous record holder, ‘N Sync, who sold 2.4 million copies of “No Strings Attached” in 2000.

As you can imagine, Hello is also extremely popular among YouTube singers who have recorded their own takes on the smash hit song.

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Check out five of our favorite soul-stirring covers below:

Taps Mugadza

Leroy Sanchez

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Janick Thibault’s Rock Cover

Connor Maynard

Tanner Patrick

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