“To My Amazing Boyfriend: I Came Out To My Christian Family On Thanksgiving For You”

A young man decided to come out to his fundamentalist Christian family on Thanksgiving, deciding to end years of hiding in the closet and tell his family he is in love with an amazing man.

Redditor Savage Norwegian shared his Turkey Day coming out story:

I’ll start by saying sorry if this is the wrong subreddit or if this is something that gets posted endlessly.

Came out as gay today, to my very religious family: parents included. About 15 of us there. Cousins already knew, and they’re cool with it. They egged me into
doing it really. I wanted to do it today, so I can bring my boyfriend of one year to Christmas.

They were all shocked. We went about our thanksgiving business afterword, but I can tell it hurt them. Got a ride back home with the cool cousins, who were proud of me. Small comfort, since I call Mom an hour ago, and she’s sobbing. They’re fundamentalist Christians, and I was too for years and years. (I’m 22 now) So she’s in denial, saying I’m making a mistake. She didn’t tell me to my face that I’m hellbound, but that’s what she was thinking. And now I’m crying too. Even if they can become comfortable with me again, I’m afraid that soon they’ll see me as their cross to bear. Isn’t it awful that even your son can be corrupted. My heart is broken that they can’t accept me.

So I’m here. Waiting for the boyfriend to get home. I did this for you dear. I know it’ll be worth it but right now I can’t see how.
Thanks for listening.

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Oh and I forgot about the letter! One uncle handed me a letter before I left. In it was a plea for me to turn my behavior around and get right with God. He mentioned a couple verses I should look at too. (A couple in Leviticus and a chapter of Romans. I could probably quote them without looking them up) I can’t hate him for it. They’re thoroughly indoctrinated. The only thing keeping them from speaking their mind and casting me out is how Minnesota Nice (read: passive aggressive) we all are.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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