Florida: Disturbing Ku Klux Klan Flyers Encourage ‘Gay Bashing’ To ‘Stop AIDS’

Jacksonville, Florida Mayor Lenny Curry has condemned a series of bomb threats and Ku Klux Klan flyers which appear to have targeted community conversations about the potential expansion of a local Human Rights Non-discrimination Ordinance to include protections for LGBT people.

Curry was condemning a flyer allegedly distributed by members of the Ku Klux Klan which surfaced in Jacksonville over the weekend, and warned those responsible for the series of “disgusting events” that they will not stop the process of community discussion.

The disturbing flyers encouraged Floridians to: “STOP AIDS. SUPPORT GAY BASHING. Homosexual Men And Their Sexual Acts Are Disgusting And Inhuman. Ban Non-White Immigration. Outlaw Haitians – Deport Mud People.

These flyers have begun to appear at the homes of LGBT people – and surely others – in Jacksonville.This is an…

Posted by Jimmy Midyette on Saturday, November 21, 2015

“Clearly we see that there are still the lowest forms of human behavior and bigotry,” Curry told FloridaPolitics.com on Monday morning. Jacksonville will “continue the democratic process” nonetheless.

FloridaPolitics.com adds:

Saying that “public safety is my top priority,” Curry noted the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, with which the mayor has been in frequent contact, “tracked down and made an arrest” of the man who phoned a bomb threat into the Florida Times-Union regarding the future “community conversations” about HRO expansion.

“The public ought to feel good,” Curry said, about the “quick arrest.”

At the next two community forums in December, there will be enhanced security; indeed, at the first one, there was “more security than was visible.”

Jacksonville.com adds:

The meeting on whether Jacksonville should add LGBT people to the city’s anti-discrimination laws is the second of three scheduled community conversations on the topic.

Benjamin Harris Manses of Greenwillow Lane West was arrested at his Arlington home Friday on charges of threatening to throw, project, place or discharge a destructive device, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report. No bomb was found.

Manses told authorities he was drunk when he called and he didn’t mean what he said, according to the arrest report.

In August, similar fliers were reported in Louisiana last summer calling for people to “stop AIDS” by through gay bashings.

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