Review: This Portable (And Obedient) Boyfriend Will Bring Out The Power Top In You

You’re home alone. It’s late and you’re horny. Sure, you could jerk off or fire up your favorite app, but what if there was someone available 24/7 ready for sex?

Enter the Cyberskin.

Hard to believe, but this ‘guy’ can bring out the alpha top or power bottom in you without any inflated egos or sketchy hit-it-and-quits.

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When I got this bad boy in the mail I fell in love at first sight.

For me, it’s the perfect temporary fix while my boyfriend and I are apart. We live 120 miles apart, and sometimes we go a week or two before seeing each other, and, well, a man has his needs, no? Not to mention, while a little explicit, this thing is very much travel-friendly.



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It’s advertised as seven inches long (I think it has to be at least eight, didn’t measure), but what they didn’t mention is how fat the cock is. With a two inch diameter, this guy is at least 6.5” inches thick. More details on that to follow.

Back to my lustful evening, I started jerking myself off and watching some intense porn to get my blood flowing. I took turns stroking my cock and the dildo next to me, pretty crazy how lifelike the material is. This led me to check out the ass, first sticking my fingers inside to have a better feel of it before eventually sticking my dick in.

It’s such an awesome feeling to grab this thing by the shaft while stroking your cock, almost like controlling your lover’s dick while he’s sitting on yours.

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The Hole Thing

I had felt more satisfaction from the feeling of my cock thrusting in and out of the tighter hole while it wrapped firmly around my dick’s head.

The more I held on to the dildo part the more I wanted it inside me, and since I was in charge (or so I thought), inside me it went.

I wish I could say how I slid it in me and instantly loved it, but I have to admit it took a couple of tries before I was able to get the entire thing all the way in me. It’s firm, maneuverable, but unless you’re used to extreme insertions, there isn’t enough lube and poppers in the world to get you ready for this behemoth of a cock.  

Horny as I was, I didn’t stop until I got the entire inside me. You know the drill, the first time in you push it balls deep and let it sit while your ass opens up. Slowly getting used to it and beginning to slide up and down one inch at a time.

I felt like I was actually cheating on my dude from how good this was feeling. 


The Grand Finale

I started off riding it in my bed. Then I got on my back and pushed it in all the way. I was a slave to the pleasure this giant cock provoked inside of me. My favorite position was riding it on the couch so I could use my legs to drill myself with this huge cock.

Then I switched positions and started hammering my new fuck buddy hard and deep.

In no time I felt hot cum filling the hole. Then I realized, I just had  sex with my new favorite fuck buddy.

About an hour later, we had another hot fuck session in my tub and against my shower walls.

Best part of it all? No commitment whatsoever to anyone. No need to say goodbye or let anyone out the door, just pack this up in your favorite bag and shove it into a closet to rest before bringing it back out at your command for as much sex as you can handle.

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