Artist Who Dresses Up Dicks In Adorable Little Outfits, Pays Tribute To Donald Trump [NSFW]

When a single Iranian-Canadian artist was looking for love, she was not prepared for the bombardment of unsolicited penis photos from less-than-ideal suitors.

“I’ve gotten my fair share of dick pics over the years, and most of my single friends had as well,” Soraya Doolbaz wrote on her website, aptly named Dicture Gallery.

“Some were better than others,” the 35-year-old artist told the Huffington Post. “Some had better lighting. I think it’s better to stage a dick pic rather than just shoot it in a bathroom stall.”

“I was really interested in camera angles as well — I like a good POV — but boner quality is also important. I can’t believe some people send a picture of a limp dick.”

Rather than get mad, Doolbaz decided to take matters into her own hands.

“We would show them to each other and compare. I thought it would be funny to treat dick pics like a high fashion photo shoot. So, I put clothes on penises and the rest is history!”

Huffington Post adds:

“I found some clothes from a Ken doll that fit a penis perfectly,” she said.

With the help of a male model willing to donate his member in the name of art, Doolbaz took photos of the dressed-up dick.

After that, she was hooked and started collecting doll clothes and penises willing to wear them. But there are some strict protocols.

“I only work with couples, and the partner puts the clothes on the penis,” Doolbaz said. “Each shoot takes about three or four hours, and the penis becomes a character. It’s very desexualized — especially when the penis is wearing a hat or sunglasses.”

In the two-and-a-half years since Doolbaz started redefining dick pics, she has added 32 fashionably dressed phallus photos to her “dicture gallery.”

Here are a few shots pulled from Doolbaz’s Dicture Gallery on Tumblr.

Donald Trump

Here’s Willy

Old Dirty Nutz (The street rapper)

Mr. Dickman (The high school teacher)

Officer Hogster (The douche bag traffic cop who still lives with his mom at 39)

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Check out the full Dicture Gallery here and her website here.

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