Gay Couple Savagely Attacked By Group Of Six Homophobic Men

A gay couple were savagely beaten by six homophobic men as they left a gay club in Montpelier, France on Tuesday night (November 10).

Clément Grobotek and his boyfriend Aaron were leaving Villa Rouge, one of the largest nightclubs in Montpellier, when they were insulted and beaten up by six men.


“A car passed, they insulted us by saying homos, queers dirty, filthy fags.” Grobotek told reporters. He says he was attacked by two men and his boyfriend was attacked by the four other men. “I managed to stay conscious but when I turned around, I saw that my boyfriend was down. The side of his head was scrapped because he was dragged on the road,” he added.

Clément Grobotek shared his account of the vicious assault and a picture of his bloodied and bruised face which has gone viral on Facebook with over 43,000 shares.

Cette nuit ,nous nous sommes fait insulter puis tabasser par des homophobes en sortie de boîte de nuit . Inutile de vous…

Posté par Clément Grobotek sur mercredi 11 novembre 2015

Below is a translation of his Facebook post:

Tonight, we were insulted and then beaten up by some homophobes as we were leaving a club. I can’t describe to you the fear you feel seeing your guy laid out on the ground, head bloodied, and unconscious. The feeling of incomprehension that overtakes you, and also the helplessness…Only we both got up, and yes, we had to fight harder. SIX AGAINST TWO that wasn’t enough, apparently. Obviously besides being intolerant, you’re also cowards! But you know what? You’ll always be weak. You can beat us up again and again, you’ll never wipe the smile you see off my face, and you won’t stop me from loving my guy above everything else. Maybe we’re queers, fags as you say, but we didn’t need six guys to attack two. Kisses you to, dear homophobes.


I want to particularly thank Clément Degeilh and Sébastien Lopez who met us at the hospital at 4 in the morning and stayed until 9 to support us and take us home.

h/t: Instinct