Man Allegedly Fell Off Cruise Ship During Argument With Staff Who Teased Him For Being Gay

An attorney for the family of 35-year-old Bernardo Albaz, the man who fell off the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Oasis of the Seas this week, claimed the man did not “jump” or commit suicide, but rather fell off his balcony onto the life boat below during an altercation with cruise ship staff.

Albaz’s family said he was upset after Bernardo and his husband were tormented at the bar by employees who made jokes about his sexual orientation. The staff allegedly told Albaz, “hi, lipstick,” and made other jokes of that nature. The altercation ultimately led to the man falling to the life boat below and ultimately plunging into the ocean where he was never recovered and is currently presumed dead, reports the Daily Mail.

The Inquisitr reports:

Mike Winkleman, attorney for the Albaz family, said Albaz was so upset after the last altercation at the bar that security ended up being called to his cabin. When security arrived at the cabin, which featured a balcony, an altercation ensued. According to Winkleman, this was when Albaz went overboard. He said the man did not jump or commit suicide, but rather fell off the balcony to the life boat below during the altercation with Royal Caribbean security in his room.

The family is blaming the anti-gay remarks made toward Albaz and his husband as the contributing factor to the altercation. It appears that video taken during the horrifying moments leading up to Albaz falling into the ocean may validate the story further. When the video was first released, many commented on the strange dialogue that was taking place. Someone could be heard yelling and calling another person a murderer. The person seemed to be directing their comments to the black-suited staff members that were attempting to bring Bernardo back in from the life boat as he dangled helplessly by his hands. However, when the video was released, reports indicated that the fall was a suicide. The comments seemed strange and out-of-place.


With the new information, the comments in the video make a bit more sense. Calling the staff murderers would make more sense had the altercation led to the man falling from the balcony. Additionally, the man said, “you did this,” indicating the man had not jumped freely. When the man fell into the water, screams of panic can be heard as one lady tells the others to throw the life preserver to the man below.

The family’s lawyer said the jokes about the gay couple were ongoing throughout the cruise.

The lawyer said the man screaming in the video is Albaz’s husband, Eric. He noted that it was Eric who was calling the security guards murderers for their actions and that they were responsible for the fatal fall. The video began just as the man fell to the life boat below. From what can be seen, it seems that the family’s story is, at least in part, true since the security guards were clearly in the area at the time of the incident.

In the video below, you can listen to the strange conversation that took place as the man dangled from the life boat arm. Warning: the following video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.