Seth Meyers Got Serious Last Night After Christian Extremists Spread Trans Lies In Houston

By a 61-to-39 percent margin, voters in America’s fourth largest city on Tuesday rejected a broad equal-rights ordinance, which would have extended protections in employment, housing and public accommodations on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity and 12 other categories.

Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, also known as HERO, was defeated by opponents who ran an expensive fear mongering campaign that dubbed the measure “the bathroom ordinance” and raised the specter of male sexual predators invading women’s restrooms.

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Seth Meyers took some time out of his show Wednesday night to breakdown the countless lies anti-gay religious organizations spread in Houston to successfully defeat HERO.


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“Opponents of the law claimed falsely that the bill would allow anyone of any gender to walk into any bathroom they wanted,” Myers states in the segment. “The idea is known as the “bathroom myth” and the anti-HERO ads focused heavily on it. Let’s take a look at one.”

“At the end of the day campaigns like the one in Houston are powerful reminders that for LGBTQ people there is still a lot more work to be done to fight against both discrimination — and terrible cartoons,” Meyers added.

Check out the segment below:

Despite HERO’s defeat, Houston’s openly-lesbian Mayor, Annise Parker, said Wednesday it’s possible the City Council will approve an amended HERO before she steps down in January.

“Several council members have talked to me about bringing it back up, perhaps bringing it back up in segments, such as the nondiscrimination in employment and housing and public accommodations separately, so that we could directly deal with those aspects of the ordinance,” Parker said at her weekly press conference. “There may be other ideas.

“It’s possible for us to do something,” Parker added. “You may have noticed that I’m trying to clear as many things off my desk as possible. I don’t really want to leave a lot of contentious items for the next administration, and I’m going to try not to leave this one as well.”

“I cannot support anything that would remove any of the 15 protected categories,” she said. “They were in there because they need the protections that HERO has to offer.

“What is more fundamental than trying to provide access to a public restroom that is appropriate to the gender of an individual, when all they want to do is use the facilities and go on about their business?” she added. “All of this about pedophiles going into women’s restrooms was an out and out and falsehood, they knew it was a falsehood, and they sold a bill of goods. That’s all I can say. Masterfully played.”

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