“No Chocolate Nor Rice”: Gay Guys React To Racist Grindr Profiles

“Is there a block all black button?”, “I block more Asian than the Great Wall of China”, “No chocolate nor rice”, “No orientals”, “Asians, reave me arone”, these are just a few examples of the racist profile messages you may stumble upon while searching for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now on the gay dating/hookup app Grindr.

Guy Anthony, Todrick Hall, Kory DeSoto, Kingsley, and Ryan James Yezak react to these types of messages in a new Youtube video, telling us whether they think these profiles are simply a matter of preference or flat-out racism.

“How do we sort of infiltrate people’s minds and say like ‘black is okay, Asian is okay, white is okay’?”, Anthony asks. “We’re gay men. And we want to be loved. Because ultimately we all just want to love and be loved, so why can’t we focus on that part instead of our race?”

Watch the rest of their reactions below:

Youtuber Jay Hughes left this reaction to the video: “The gay community is actually so racist, especially on Grindr. Yeah, actual preferences of certain features do exist, but the fact is that most people who play the “it’s my preference” card are being flat-out racist, and sometimes they don’t even know it. When you discount an entire race/ethnicity of people without even knowing them, it stops being about preference and starts being about race, because you’re generalising an entire group of people as if they are all the same and all posses the same features. (they’re not, and they don’t.)”

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Liam Blank writes: “I hate to admit it, but I think i would only go out with white guys, unless i actually got to know a great guy, with a different colour skin, but i would never be like “No blacks or Asians !!” i would let them down slowly, probably not using words like that but being full out racist is not ok.”

Robertantonnyc writes: “No fats, no fems, no whites, no latinos, no bottoms, no total tops. Even if I don’t fit in one of those groups, I tend to block ppl like that. What about saying what you DO like?? Ugh!!! lol”

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