Creationist Warns Radio Listeners That Gay Marriage May Lead To People Abandoning Clothes

Get your umbrellas ready, cuz it’s about to start raining naked men!

Ken Ham, president of Answers In Genesis, told Point of View radio listeners last week that allowing gay couples to marry may lead to people abandoning their clothing.

According to Right Wing Watch, Ham said:

“The doctrine of marriage is based there upon the literal history of Genesis.

“But if that history is not true, if there was no literal Adam and Eve, then what is marriage, why is it to be a man and a woman? It’s only a man and a woman because God invented marriage, and he invented marriage when he made the first marriage, Adam and Eve.”

“The origin of clothing,” he added “…it’s right there in Genesis [so] if you abandon Genesis’ literal history of marriage and say marriage can be two men or two women or whatever you want, well why not abandon clothing?”

Listen to the radio interview below: