Nutscaping: Men Are Taking Photos Of Their Balls In Front Of Beautiful Landscapes

If you love photos of breathtaking landscapes with a slight hint of men’s balls, then you will love the latest photo-taking trend called nutscaping.

In order to properly Nutscape your photos, you must first drop your trousers, gently place your testicles just above the camera so your balls hang down like a majestic peach in the sky.

[Apache Peak, CO –]

The tumblr page has devoted countless hours to capturing the phenomenon, and has kindly shared a handy guide on how it’s done:

1. Find yourself somewhere awesome
2. Turn your back to the awesome scene
3. Drop your pants
4. Bend over and shoot Nutscape through your legs

[“Cowballs” –]

The creators of nutscapes advise future nutscapers to wear loose clothing for easy access to your balls and the use of a helpful friend when needed.

[Big Blue Beach. Amorgos, Greece –]

The trend first appeared back in 2007, but is seeing a resurgence in popularity, according to Metro.

[Never Summer Wilderness, Colorado –]

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[Bryce Canyon, Utah –]

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