35 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples And Best Buds

So Halloween is right around the corner and yeah, all of your single friends are planning their sexiest, hook-up ready takes on classic costumes, ready to paint the town gay and find their dark knight for the night.

But hey, single people don’t get all the fun. Sure, you and your boo might not be out there looking for a third, but what better night to show of your stud of a partner than Halloween?

We dug around to find some of the hottest outfits to inspire you and your man.

From the Garden of Eden, Adam & Steve:

Superman and Batman (@gaysupers):

A couple of ethereal sea gods (@circuitparty):

Ash & his beloved Pikachu:

A couple of hunky gladiators (@keepin.it.raw):

Deliciously furry Mario Bros. (liquidz76):

Cavemen (@nofatdogz):

Mormon Elder boyfriends:

For the brave, rock out these mankini unitards:

A duo straight out of Wonderland:

Sexy Thang 1 & Sexy Thang 2:


A pair of horny devils (@sfl_dave): 
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Grown up members of the Lollipop Guild:

Naked Sims characters brought to life:

Sexy sailors:

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A couple of turtles in half shells (@gaylifechoices):

The classic, Batman & Robin (@choked_out):

Ancient rulers, ready to take over the world:
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Undead Boy Scouts (@corymcgranahan and @griffezz):

A couple of spandex-toting masked…heroes? (@dan_brzl):

Two naughty bunnies (@ericcommando):

The Flash & Quicksilver (@ericmichaelrusso):

A Not-so-Ambiguous Gay Duo (@gbourque):

Angel & Devil, making up, then making out (@halloweennola):

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Two sailor buds (@halloweennola):

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‘Tight End’ duo:

halloween (5)

Krispy Kreme chefs (@halloweennola):

Mr. & Mrs. Pacman at (@halloweennola):

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If three is your favorite number, sport a kilt and show off as much as you are willing to bare:


Businessmen gogo dancers? (@halloweennola):

Team up with your favorite couple for the whole clan, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi (@azultide):

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:


Dress up as Tinder profiles:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Or go as a squad of high school cheerleaders: 

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