A Beginners Guide To Caring For Your Favorite Sex Toy

Are you new to the sex toy scene? Looking to experiment with different toys to make sure you don’t get all rusty during a particularly long dry spell?

Maybe your appetite is just so insatiable, there’s really no viable option other than to take matters into your own hands, solo-style. Or maybe you’ve decided to introduce some toys to spice things up in the bedroom with your boo. Whatever the reason, sex toys are, without a doubt, fun. But there are some things to keep in mind in order to best take care of your naughty little devices.

Wash That Thing!

Imagine hooking up with a hot guy. (Hard request, right?) You’ve stripped each other and you’re ready to go down his ass, only to discover: dude isn’t so…fresh. Bad form! You know you shouldn’t get yourself into such a situation without some sprucing up, right? Well the same thing goes for your sex toys.

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For the love of all that’s good and sacred, just because you’re a bit spent, don’t just toss it aside until your next use. Wash it! It doesn’t matter if you’re the only one using it. (Seriously, if you think that’s a good excuse to forego a quick wash, you should reevaluate your standards, pronto.) It’s probably a good idea (though not necessary) to give it a good wash before your next use too, just to make sure whatever you’re sticking inside yourself is as clean as can be. And whatever you do, if you’re dealing with an electronic, do not fully submerge it in water.

So… How Do I Wash It?

You can wash all of your toys with regular ol’ hand soap (unscented is best) and warm water, but it probably makes better sense to use a cleaning solution made specifically for the task at hand. The folks at Adammale are offering 50% off on almost anything on their website with free shipping if you use code GRIND. Use your discount to snag this great anti-bacterial solution [50% OFF with code GRIND] that will help keep your favorite playthings in pristine condition.

Put a Rubber on Your Rubber Toys

You may have thought going the artificial route was the surefire way to forego using condoms, but that’s not always the case. There are no laws in place that regulate the production of sex toys so, depending on the material yours is made out of, you may want to slip a jimmy cap on it. Jelly rubber and latex toys are more porous than others, which means they are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria growth. Glass, silicone, and stainless steel products cost a bit more, but not only are they less porous and easier to keep clean, they also tend to last longer. Related Articles How to Top Like a Stud: A Penetrating Guide to Gay Sex How to Bottom Like a Pornstar: Best Position and Pain-Free Angle of Entry How to Get the Most Pleasure Out of Being Inside Him: Speed, Depth & Thrusting Techniques

Is it Okay to Share Sex Toys?

It depends. Are you and a committed partner, who are already intimate and in the habit of exchanging bodily fluids, sharing the toy? If so, then you know the answer. dildos. If you’re inviting a trick over, don’t share without cleaning your toy first. The easiest to clean are made of glass, metal or silicone (and least porous).) When in doubt, just slip a condom on the thing before you use it on him. You might be super diligent about cleaning your toys, but you should always err on the side of caution.

Choose the Right Lube

Stick with a water-based lubricant. Silicone- and oil-based lube will damage silicone toys. Lotions and oils will also damage latex products.

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Don’t Just Fling it Anywhere

We’re not suggesting that you’re gonna finish up and toss your dildo in the corner and call it a day. But before you hop in the shower to clean up, make sure you don’t just drop it in some box in your closet, or even your bedside drawer. Since you’re taking the time to wash your beloved pleasure-makers (We just discussed this, so you better be!), take a minute to store them properly. A dust bag is ideal, but a regular old (clean) towel or cloth will do the job just fine. Then feel free to drop it off in your nightstand drawer for quick access when the mood hits.

Don’t Leave the Batteries In

Not only is the juice (slowly) drained from batteries, even when your toy is powered down, but if you’re a few-and-far-between sex toy user, you risk the chance of old batteries corroding. And there’s nothing worse than settling in to power up your Real Feel Wallbanger only to realize your negligence is leaving you high and dry.

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Know When It’s Time to Move On

It’s a sad, but inevitable truth: all great sex toys eventually need to be retired at some point. If you start to notice the material breaking apart at all, accept that it’s time to find a replacement. Same goes if you start to notice strange noises coming from your electronic playdate. Take a moment to mourn its passing, and then shop around for your next best bedside friend.

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