Watch High School Students Chase Westboro Baptist Church Members Out Of Town

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church were chased out of town after a failed attempt to protest a transgender student winning the title of Homecoming Queen.


After Oak Park High School elected a transgender teen Landon Patterson as their homecoming queen, the Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church set their hateful sights on the school for “pimping a tranny perversion.”


But shortly after the hate group began their protest, students swarmed the church members, forcing them to retreat back into their car and off campus grounds.


One of the protestors, Becca Taylor, said the push against Westboro was a school wide event: “They thought they could come to our school and tell our children something. Oh no, not today. I stood in the face of the devil herself, Shirley Phelps-Roper, and chanted, ‘Long live the queen!’ in support of Landon Patterson and listened as the crowd behind me followed.”


Student Brian Scheetz told KFVS: “We want to show that Landon is a part of our community and a big part of the school. As a friend of my son’s, we’re just here to show our support.


In the video below, you can hear the students chanting “Long Live The Queen” as they chased the church members off campus.