10 Sex Toys That Are Better Than Having a Boyfriend

1. Colt Big Boy Plug

The Colt Big Boy will leave you feeling like you were just rammed by a linebacker. The smooth, teardrop shape lets it pop past your sphincter to sensually stretch you open. Once it’s fully inside, the Colt Big Boy expands to a rectum rewarding 2.25.”

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2. Bam Realistic Supercock

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The law of attraction states you should put out if you want to receive…or something like that. If you’re into stretching your limits or double penetration, then you NEED the BAM in your ass.

This 10 inch monster is sure to compensate for any unsatisfying gent(s) you’ve dated. Fun fact: this dildo is a direct replica of adult star “Bam”. Stretching your hole without having to deal with a boyfriend has never been easier.

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3. Rude Boy

Insert the Rude Boy, switch on the vibrating bullet, and put your hands up like you’re about to drop from the top of a roller coaster. Just remember, NEVER take a rude boy home to your parents, unless you sneak him in the back ;).

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P.S. We highly recommend blasting Rihanna’s song Rude Boy while using this guy.

4. Aneros MGX

Remember that guy you dated who always gave you that tingly feeling inside? Achieve orgasm without having to deal with an ego that’s bigger than his dick.

The Aneros MGX has been dubbed the “Male G-spot Massager” for its ability to produce intense internal orgasms through prostate stimulation.

Originally developed to promote prostate and overall sexual health through the simultaneous massage of the prostate and the acupressure point on the perineum, it’s a sex toy classic.

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5. 10 Function Vibrating Anal Wand

If you have control issues, then you’re going to want something super flexible. The 10 function anal wand bends in every direction  you desire. The 10 different vibration patterns make this toy more satisfying than 10 Grindr dates combined.

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6. Colt Hulk

The Hulk can pack a punch.

Stretch before use. Not for beginners. This premium toy is tapered, so it starts small and and grows to an intense throbbing filler (kind of like the movie Top Gun, but sexier).

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7. Autoblow2

One day mister right will blow you away again and again.

But until then, you’ll have to settle for unlimited blowjobs.

The new Autoblow 2 Plus is now it’s sturdier and comes with 3 beaded rings instead of 2. It’s mechanical design delivers a continuous blow job sensation. Pick the right sleeve size from a selection of 3 interchangeable sizes and enjoy the a hassle free experience. The best part? It’s all-metal motor is rated to last more more than five hundred hours of use.

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8. Mighty Mouth

Nothing is sexier than a straight friend that likes to spontaneously hook up with you. Be it the airport bathroom or the locker room at the gym, he’s always down.

But when he’s not, fuck it. The Mighty Mouth that is. This wireless masturbator delivers 30 different functions of vibration and features a hands free sturdy suction cup.

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As one reader pointed out:  “I’m normally the type of guy that takes way too long to get off on my own, to the point where I take breaks to let my arm rest a bit, but with the Mighty Mouth I was able to play around with the speed settings to get me spooging under 20 minutes flat the first time I used it.”

9. Fleshlight Flight Instructor

Feels like the real thing. And you don’t have to buy it a seat on the plane.

The Fleshlight Flight Instructor is a travel buddy you can take anywhere. The compact and portable fleshlight is made for both long hauls and short routes. Whatever you’re into.

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10. All American 5” Mini Whopper

It might look small from far away, but don’t underestimate a perfectly curved dick. Sexperts paid special attention when engineering the 5” Mini Whopper. This dildo is good for breaking yourself into the bottom game or having a quick jerk session while you wait for the man of your dreams to get on top.

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