This Guy Just Ridiculed Homophobic Pride Protesters In The Best Way Possible

Chester, England held its annual Pride Festival over the weekend, the ‘biggest and best yet’ according to its organisers.

Yet, despite the record turnout and changing attitudes, crowds were pestered by a group of evangelical protesters who had nothing better to do with their weekend than spew their homophobic messages of hate.

However, in a video posted to Vimeo by a man identified as Dean Paton from Chester-based ‘heritage and education’ company Big Heritage – he shows us how to expertly troll anti-gay protesters with a hysterical sign of his own.


“This is how you troll horrible evangelical arseholes who think it’s nice to say people should burn in hell and what have you,” he tells the camera, before taking a position beside an evangelical protesters and displaying a poster that read: “Homophobes are statistically more likely to be gay.”

Watch the video below:

h/t: attitude