Nick Jonas ‘Honored’ To Play His Second Gay Character on ‘Scream Queens’

Scream Queens finally made its highly anticipated two-hour debut last night on Fox which marked Nick Jonas’ second time playing a gay character on television.

Jonas’ spoke to ET his Scream Queens character Boone, “I’ve been so honored to get to play some really strong gay characters … and whatever I can do for the community is just a blessing to me.”

Jonas also teased the show and his role, saying, “For Boone in particular and this show as a whole, everything is not as it seems. So I would say get ready to get surprised by a lot of different things. In his heart of hearts, that may be who he is, but we’ll have to find out as we watch.”

“I think it might be Scream Queens,” the singer said when asked which of his TV roles includes the most tops-off acting. “There’s a scene or two that I’m shirtless in, but in Kingdom I play a fighter too, so there is a lot. It’s a lot, it’s a lot of shirtlessness.”

Check out his ET interview below: