Man Poses as Doritos on Facebook, Trolls Haters Of Its New Pro-LGBT Rainbow Chips

Doritos’ limited edition Rainbow chips, launched to support the LGBT community, has provoked a social media storm, with many calling the move offensive and “ungodly.”

In collaboration with the It Gets Better Project, Doritos announced that it will send a special edition of rainbow chips to anyone who donates more than $10 to the organization.


Although many applauded Doritos for taking a stand, others took to Doritos’ Facebook page to vent their anger with the chip maker.

Mike Melgaard, who you may remember as the guy who trolled anti-gay conservatives last month by posing as a customer service account for Target on Facebook, was up to his old tricks on Friday, turning his trolling talents on disgruntled anti-gay Doritos fans.

Melgaard shared screenshots of his encounters under the fake Facebook account, “DoritosForHelp,” which he used to mock Facebook users upset with the brand’s pro-LGBT stance.

Check out some of our favorites below:






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Melgaard concluded his trolling by posting this picture alongside the caption, “A final ending to an afternoon of fun. Hope you all enjoyed!”