These Anti-Gay Bigots Are Having A Meltdown Over Doritos Pro-LGBT Rainbow Chips

This week, Doritos unveiled a colorful twist on their classic tortilla chip: Doritos Rainbows.

Doritos has partnered with LGBT nonprofit It Gets Better to produce the limited-edition version of its Cool Ranch-flavored tortilla chips to show the chipmaker’s support of the LGBT community “in the boldest, most colorful way possible.”

Individuals who donate $10 or more to the It Gets Better Project will receive their very own special bag of rainbow Doritos in recognition of the organization’s 5th anniversary.


“We’re honored to partner with the Doritos brand to celebrate the momentous progress that has been made toward equal rights for the LGBT community in this country,” Brett Peters, communications director for the It Gets Better Project, said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. “By utilizing the incredible reach that Doritos has throughout the world, we can give hope to the LGBT young people who need it the most. There is so much more work to be done, and together, we will inspire the LGBT community and its allies to continue the fight and embrace who they are by living a #BoldandBetter life.”

While many applauded Doritos decision to partner with It Gets Better, butthurt anti-gay bigots took to Twitter and Facebook to share their homphobia with the world.

One Facebook user was so upset when she heard about Doritos “politically correct homosexuality stuff”, she took to their Facebook page to suggest Doritos make Jesus chips:

jesus chips

Homophobes demanded Doritos make ‘straight pride’ chips to benefit an unknown straight pride charity:
straight pride


This Texas Transplant wondered if his bag would come with a toy dildo:


Naturally, they called for a boycott:



The butthurt was all over Doritos official Facebook page:


see ya later


And then this happened on Facebook:



But for every anti-gay message we found online, there were hundreds more in support of Doritos. Here are just a few:

wtg doritos