Ellen DeGeneres ‘Can’t Understand’ Why Caitlyn Jenner Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

Ellen DeGeneres was shocked by Caitlyn Jenner’s revelation that she had stood in opposition to same-sex marriage during the former Olympian’s interview on the season premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “She still has a judgement about gay marriage,” DeGeneres told Howard Stern on the Tuesday.

Last week, the 65-year-old revealed that she used to be an opponent of same-sex marriage, before coming out as transgender.

“Gay marriage… I have to admit that I remember 15 years ago, when the whole gay marriage first came up, I was not for it,” Jenner told Ellen. “I am a traditionalist – I’m older than most people in the audience, and I kind of like tradition. It’s always been between a man and a woman and I was thinking ‘I don’t quite get it’.”

She continued: “But as time goes on, I think like a lot of people on this issue, I’ve really changed my thinking here to ‘I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness, that’s not my job’. If that word ‘marriage’ is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”

Ellen then asked if she’s still “a little not on board with it”, Jenner responded: “No, I’m on board! It’s going to be law of the land.”

Speaking to Stern on Tuesday, DeGeneres said Jenner’s stance was confusing. “I said, ‘You’re wanting people to understand and accept you – this is like, really confusing to people. And you still have a judgement about gay people and marriage,’” DeGeneres said. “She goes, ‘Well if the word marriage is that important.’ It is. That’s the word. We want the same thing.”

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