With Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis In Jail, Gay Kentucky Couple Finally Receive Marriage Licenses

​A day after Rowan County’s defiant anti-gay clerk was hauled to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing “God’s authority,” a gay couple walked out of a Kentucky courthouse with a marriage license in hand!

After being denied a marriage license five times by Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, James Yates and William Smith Jr. finally entered the media-filled courthouse on Friday, hand-in-hand, and began the process of applying for a marriage license.

At 8:15 a.m., Yates and Smith finally obtained their $35 marriage license while Davis sat inside a jail cell at the Carter County Detention Center, about 35 miles away.


Brian Mason, the deputy clerk, congratulated the couple and shook their hands.

The Washington Post adds:

Yates and Smith hugged and cried.

“They got it!” a man shouted.

As the couple exited the courthouse, same-sex marriage supporters erupted in cheers, chanting: “Love won! Love won!”

Yates and Smith said they now had to set a wedding date. Then, they walked hand-in-hand to their car, followed by cameras and boom mikes.

They were later followed on Friday morning by Tim and Mike Long, a couple who had obtained a name change years ago. There were cheers for the pair when they walked outside, and a woman they didn’t know, who had traveled from Louisville, gave them flowers.