Christian Father Responds To Gay Son’s Engagement News With Hate-Filled Reply

Three years ago, a young man’s heart was broken when he was disowned by his Christian family after telling them he was gay.

Hoping to mend the family wounds and attempt another shot at reconnecting with his parents, the newly-engaged young man wrote to his family to tell them about the joyous news and fill them in on the three years of his life they had chosen to not be a part of.

B.G. shared the letter he wrote to his family on Reddit:

I hope this letter finds you well. I love you and miss you dearly. I am writing this letter to tell you about what has happened over the last three years.

Three years ago I came out to you as gay. This was not out of rebellion, malice, or because of the influence of some carnal world. This was the result of years of careful introspection about my life, my feelings, and my happiness. I knew that the result of my coming out would cause a deep and lasting division between myself and my family, which I deeply regret, but I absolutely do not regret my decision to come out to you. I know that nothing I can say will change your minds about this, so I won’t try. Instead I would like to share with you the happiness that I have found.

Three years ago, I met someone who took my breath away. This person was incredibly kind, caring, handsome, and smart. We hung out together with friends for several months, and our friendship grew closer until we were talking to each other every day. We started dating, and I realized that there was something extraordinarily special about this person. I was becoming a better, stronger person as we grew closer. We moved in together one year after we met. Every day, our bond grew stronger. Together we learned how to complement our strengths and weaknesses, and we fell deeper in love. We shared amazing adventures as another year went by. We traveled, found jobs, met and reconnected with family; we grew together as a couple. It didn’t take much longer to realize there was no other person I would rather spend the rest of my life with. A few months ago, B. K. asked me to marry him; I said yes, and ever since, I have been so filled with joy, that I cannot stop smiling.

I do not expect you to approve of my relationship with B. I do not expect you to come to our wedding next year. Maybe someday you would be willing to meet him and reconnect our families, but until then I hope you can wish us happiness and prosperity knowing that when I am with B, I am the best and happiest person I’ve ever been.

With Love,


Replying B.G.’s announcement, his father asked:

“What do you plan on doing about your name?”

B.G. informed his father he was going keeping his name, but would add his fiance’s surname as a middle name, a plan his father vehemently rejected:

“My name was NEVER to be given to another man. Only to a Godly female as your wife. You are the last “G” male and I will NOT have my name associated with this “marriage”. I do not want it hyphenated with another man’s name either. Just remove it entirely and let my legacy die with me.”
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Once again, B.G. was stabbed through the heart again by his father who had disowned him when he came out three years earlier. But B.G. wasn’t going to let his heartless father ruin his special day:

“So that’s it then. I couldn’t believe the hatred that was being directed toward me.” B.G. posted on Reddit. “I’m done trying to be nice to them. I don’t care any more. I get to marry and spend the rest of my life with the man I love, and that “marriage” will be just as real as his “marriage” is now.

“I don’t need my parents or my last name. It’s amazing, I don’t really feel sad about this. It feels more like a heavy burden has been lifted off of me, and I can move on now. My blood family doesn’t have to support me, because the family of friends I have gained after coming out is bigger, better, and loves me for who I am no matter what.

“My wedding is going to be a party filled with people who love and support me, and I can’t wait to celebrate starting a new family with the man I love.”

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h/t: instinct

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