This Gay Welsh Couple Asked Asked All Their Bridesmaids To Wear Wedding Dresses

Welsh couple Deri Rogers, 28, and partner Ben Wood, 25, from Fairwater, wanted something a little over the top when it came to dressing their bridesmaids on their special day.


“We had lots of ideas for the wedding from the girls – but I wanted something outrageous,” the couple explained.


Instead of picking a traditional bridesmaid dress, they decided to let all of their bridesmaids dress in wedding gowns!


“Being a gay wedding we weren’t going to have an amazing gown reveal like at other big weddings,” husband Deri told Wales Online. “I figured every wedding needs a wedding dress – so why not 10? The girls all have huge personalities and so there was terrible competition, dress disasters and fall outs but on the day they all looked fab.”


The couple met through their best “man,” Sadie, in 2013.


“You could say the girls stole the lime light but we wouldn’t have had it any other way”



(h/t: walesonline)

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