Hidden Camera Captures Boss Discriminating Against Gay Man At Job Interview

An undercover social experiment conducted by YouTube channel STHLM Panda, captures the sad reality that many LGBT people know all too well – it’s still not okay to be openly gay in some workplaces.

The Swedish channel explains the idea for their experiment came from a fan of the channel who wrote in to tell them he had been fired from his warehouse job when his boss found out he was gay, and asked them to investigate.

He also informed them that the boss was now hiring again.

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The YouTubers decided to conduct an undercover sting by sending two job applicants to apply for the job, one straight, the other gay.

Check out the results below (turn on closed captions for English subtitles):

STHLM Panda co-creator Konrad Ydhage, informed the Gaily Grind that “the boss emailed us after he saw the clip and now has apologized to our follower and offered him to get his job back!”

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According to the ACLU, Americans can still be fired for being LGBT in 28 states.