Lenny Kravitz Splits His Pants On Stage Exposing His Penis To Swedish Fans

Lenny Kravitz treated his Swedish fans to the worst (or best) wardrobe malfunction of all-time when his leather pants ripped completely open onstage, and his junk fell out.

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Billboard adds:

During his Aug. 3 concert in Stockholm, the long-running rocker’s leather pants split right down the crotch when he squatted down to wail on his guitar. Without any underwear, this meant that Kravtiz’s package busted out in front of an audience of thousands.

You can see the uncensored Full Lenny if you click here. Keep in mind that it’s a picture of a penis (with what appears to be a cock ring), so it’s obviously NSFW. The below video taken by a concertgoer also seems to capture the pants-ripping moment.

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Watch the NSFW video below:

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