Former MLB Player Jose Canseco Will Live “As A Woman” For A Week To Understand Caitlyn

Former MLB player Jose Canseco says he will be living “as a woman” for a week to support and understand Caitlyn Jenner, but many feel it is a ploy to help him promote his upcoming Internet reality show, Spend A Day with Jose.

The 51-year-old former Yankee, told TMZ he will wear “full makeup, dresses, the works” while experiencing life “as a woman.”

Canseco has continued to misgender Caitlyn Jenner in interviews with other media outlets.

“In the very beginning, I didn’t understand it, so I was kind of like, against it,” Canseco told the New York Daily News of Jenner’s recent transition. “Once I watched it more and more, and realized what it really entailed, what he was going through, I started supporting him.”