Pat Robertson Gives More Bad Advice: Gays Can Turn Straight If They ‘Start Acting Like Men’

Pat Robertson blessed the airwaves this morning with some more of his bad advice during the Bring It On segment of his “700 Club” show.

A viewer asked Pat if God could “take away this same-sex attraction” and “change a homosexual to straight.”

Pat immediately began by confusing sexual orientation with gender identity when he told a story about a profile his network had done on the transformation of an “absolutely gorgeous” woman who “was a man” until “the Lord touched him, changed him and now he is marrying and has some children and has a very happy life.”

“It is a miracle but God can do it,” Pat said. “It is a tendency in your life.”

“Somebody was asking me for counseling the other day and said, ‘I’ve got this son and he was effeminate from the time he was young and now he says he’s gay.’ And I said to her, ‘Does he want to be a girl?’ And she said ‘no,’ and I said, ‘Well, if he doesn’t want to be a girl, basically he wants to be a man, and if he wants to be a man, there’s no reason that he can’t start acting like one.’ God can take care of this.”

Robertson added that once it “used to be considered psychologically” that homosexuality “was an aberration” but now “they come against you” if you engage in ex-gay counseling, RightWingWatch notes.

“The question is, can God do it?” he added. “The answer is, He not only can, He will.”

In response to Pat’s on-air advice, Disqus user @Soren456 writes:

Let’s see.

I played first base on a championship Little League team.

I had a wall of childhood golf, sailing and swimming trophies.

I was student body president in the eighth grade.

And more; I doubt that anyone would take me as feminine.

But despite all this, I just don’t love girls.

Sorry, Jesus.

Watch Pat take a break from discussing anal sex and bestiality in the segment below: