Two Gay Veteran NFL Players Claim They Would Come Out If Media Wouldn’t Make It A Big Deal

Benjamin Allbright, a Denver-based NFL draft analyst and radio host, tweeted today that he has talked to two veteran NFL players in the last month who would admit they are gay and would announce it publicly if the media didn’t make a big deal out of it.

Benjamin Allbright
Benjamin Allbright

In a series of tweets, Allbright said that team mates of both players “mostly know” and are “supportive” of them being gay, but “just avoid [discussing] it altogether.”

Allbright tweeted:

Outsports journalist Jim Buzinski says he thinks the player’s using the media as an excuse to not come out is a poor one, adding:

These anonymous NFL players should strongly consider coming out since it would help countless young gay athletes see that it is possible to be gay and play their favorite sport. Collins, Sam and Rogers have become role models to LGBT athlete everywhere and lives have been saved.