Boyfriends’ Social Experiment Ends With Violent Attack By Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Gang

Two weeks ago, Russian Youtube channel “ChebuRussia TV” sent two young men to walk through the streets of Moscow while holding hands and record the reactions of city residents.

The viral social experiment captured countless verbal attacks and even two physical altercations.

The video inspired boyfriends  Timur and Zoryan, to repeat the experiment in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and capture the reaction of Ukrainians.

At first, the reactions seemed fairly positive. One curious local pleased by their openness even approached the couple to ask them about their situation. Some even took pictures of the gay couple as they held hands.


When the couple decided to sit on a public bench, with one of the men sitting on the other’s leg, their actions were quickly spotted by a group of young men who circled around the couple.

One of the youths stuck up a conversation with the couple, asking if the men were patriots, apparently to avoid drawing suspicion from a passing policemen.


As soon as the coast was clear, one of the youths pepper sprayed both men directly in the face to disorient them before violently attacking the defenseless couple.

Luckily, the rapid intervention of the project team was able to prevent further injury as the apparent Neo Nazi group dispersed.

Earlier this week, a trendy gay club in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa was attacked when a hand grenade was detonated at the club’s entrace, injuring a 21-year-old security guard.

Watch the social experiment below (Turn on “Closed Captions” for English subtitles):