Pro Wrestler John Cena Shows Off His Big Muscular Ass In Amy Schumer Comedy ‘Trainwreck’

Professional wrestler John Cena gave his fans a nice look at his big muscular ass in the new Amy Schumer comedy “Trainwreck”.

In the film, which made a respectable 30 million its opening weekend, Cena plays Steven, a self-obsessed hookup for Amy Schumer’s character Amy. The red band trailer below, shows Cena and Schumer’s awkward sexual encounter, in which his version of “dirty talk” is to discuss his achievements at the gym.

“[I have a] ‘big part’ because of the costume department,” the WWE star, 37, joked on the March 25 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I was gifted a stunt penis.”

“I had to do a sex scene, which involved me being almost all the way naked,” Cena explained. “I had to stuff myself in a small nylon sock, and they gave me a stunt penis to insinuate an erection.”

Unfortunately for fans, you will have to k to see Cena’s manhood.

Watch the “Trainwreck” Official Red Band trailer: