14 Wounded Male War Veterans Bare All For Photographer Michael Stokes’ Daring New Book

Photographer Michael Stokes is shedding light on amputee veterans of the U.S. military in his new book called “Always Loyal,” featuring approximately 14 different wounded, United States Army, Navy and Marine veterans of The Gulf Wars.

The book features approximately 80-96 pages semi nude and nude photos of amputee veterans in both color and black & white images.

The vast majority of the veterans featured in “Always Loyal” have lost one or multiple limbs from IED attacks and will include at least one woman.

Stokes launched a Kickstarter campaign for the book project which reached its $48,250 goal in a little over an hour and, after just two weeks, more than tripled that number.

“In some ways working with vets is easier than fitness models because they are used to taking order,” Stokes told The Mighty. “They also don’t complain about anything, ever.”

“Some people will say to me ‘Oh, this is really helpful to their self-esteem,’ or, ‘You’re making them feel like men again,’” Stokes told MTV News. “I hear all these types of comments, and the response I have to that is that these guys have come to me very healed and ready to take the world on. I’m not giving them back their confidence. They already have it.”

[Photo Credit: Michael Stokes Via TheMighty]