Portland Residents Baffled By Appearance Of Dozens Of Dildos Hanging From Power Lines

Portland, Oregon residents were baffled this week by the bizarre appearance of dozens of sex toys dangling from city power lines.


A Portland General Electric spokeperson told Reuters he did not believe the orange and white rubber penises posed a hazard but they remain clueless as to who put them there.


The sex toys appeared overnight on Tuesday, as many twitter users noted: “So…help me out here. Are #dildos hanging from electrical wires a Portland thing? Or do people do this everywhere?”


Another added: “Way to go Portland you’ve made my day once again. Dildos on power lines. Priceless.”
Some suspect that the mysterious sex toys are some sort of publicity stunt, but local sex shop She Bop denied any involvement.


“It’s kind of cute that when people think of dildos, they think of us,” store manager Amory Jane Rogers told Oregon Live. “At first I thought someone had a breakup and was trying to get rid of an ex’s possessions in a very dramatic way. When I heard this was happening in multiple places, I thought it was pretty weird.”

h/t: PinkNews